Cinematography in ‘Little Boy’

On a recent evening where I was in the mood for a movie, I came across an interesting looking magical realism film named ‘Little Boy’ (Monteverde, 2015) that was all about the importance of faith and was heavily centred around Christianity. The film was about a boy who was teased for being short and his determination and faith to get his father back from the war. Although I found the actually plot of the story line some what not overly exciting; like it wasn’t amazing, I did however love the way it was produced and the particular use of cinematography within the film making.

I noticed the film used cinematography to emphasise the emotion and faith in the film. For example, in the previous screenshots where the scene portrayed a message that ‘even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you can do anything’ the extreme close up of the mustard seed with the change from shallow focus represents little boy as the faith inspiration in the film because he is directly compared to the mustard seed. The more obvious interpretation of this is the comparison of his size to the minute mustard seed which is entertaining from a comedy point of view but still keeps the underlining message that little boy is still the tiny bit of hope. As well as the high key lighting creating a positive vibe and happy emotion in the scene, I found it satisfying to see a clever and imaginative way of portraying the films values through a simple shot.

I adore films that can effectively connect the audience with the characters through cinematography and editing for this particular scene as the understanding of the narrative is much clearer.Picture9


The editing flashes between similar scenes of little boy and his father that uses close ups to show emotion and reaction whilst wider shots keep the set context and show trouble in any location.  I particularly enjoyed some transitions between the scenes such as the sort of ‘roll over’ edit that separates little boy’s scene with the close up of the truck into the war scene as it gives the illusion of their close connection that keeps the two characters going.

As well as these examples the film overall displayed amazing cinematography, that immediately captivated me and caused me to comment on it. Although I didn’t especially whole heartedly enjoy the story line, the portrayal of the movie through cinematography won my approval with the imaginative approach and creative meaning. I loved it!


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