Ross Is The Funniest F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character.

Okay, so I know most people’s favourite character on the well loved (by literally everyone everywhere) American TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S is mostly Chandler in terms of funniness. However, after watching the whole show for the umpteenth time on my box set, Ross has come to be my favourite character as he is actually hilarious and extremely underrated in my opinion!

Ross rollers skates


First of all, lets talk about my favourite Ross episode that is The One Where Joey Dates Rachel and Geller on roller skates please. His enthusiasm and determination to get to a class he is teaching without being late despite the class starting in 10 mins from his previous and it taking 50 minutes to get there highlights his funny geeky and awkwardness. It’s just so silly and makes me laugh every time I watch it, especially when he falls over down the aisle from exhaustion and breaks his pointer stick by roller skating around the class haha! I challenge anyone to watch this clip and not laugh– Also I think it’s just the way he acts so seriously and believes in his methods so much that he doesn’t realise what he is doing is funny. Aw, I just love Ross.


Another great episode that had me in fits of laughter is The One With The Unagi where Ross tries to teach Rachel and Pheobe about a martial arts technique called Unagi. He tries to convince them with screaming ‘A SURSURSURPRIISEE’ that indeed the technique is vital to be aware of the surroundings and prepared when attacked. His goofiness obviously over shadows this when Rachel and Phoebe hide in his apartment and jump out at him when he is folding laundry and his girlish screams suggest he is not as macho as he claims to be. But we love him anyway even if he does supposedly practice sushi martial arts tehe!


This next point is golden in portraying how hilarious Ross is and I shit you not had everyone cry laughing, even more so at the out take, including Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston. This is ‘PIVOT!’ In The One With The Cop Ross decides to buy a sofa yet he refuses to pay an extortionate amount for delivery so instead carries it home and up his flat’s stairs– because you know as he says ‘It’s all about principal.’ The way he screams ridiculously to try and turn the sofa up the stairs puts me in fits of laughter, I’m actually giggling to myself about it now as I write. He literally shouts ‘Pivot!’ in a way that’s so funny as he sounds like a demented sea gull, that in the out takes he said that it was one of the most funniest moments ever. Which I can definitely agree with!

im fine

In The One Where Ross Is Fine, the poor guy tries not to show his devastation that Rachel and Joey had got together by over confidently suggesting he is fine which is obvious he is not. Whilst holding a dinner party for his current girlfriend and hot palaeontologist Charlie, Rachel and Joey, his drunken speech and over enthusiasm for ‘flan for three’ and margaritas makes the episode one of the funniest on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The speech that spells out the definition of the meanings of each of the letters of the word ‘love’- I actually have memorised as a party trick and an inside joke with my sister! O is for Oh Wow.


Another joke and Ross skit my sister and I have learnt is the famous routine that Monica and Ross ever so awesomely (is that a word? is now) performed at Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve to guarantee next access onto the dance podiums. The dance that features leap frogging, the chicken dance and arms flinging around in the air has become a household name due to the laughs it causes that never get old and is great fun to learn. This definitely showed Ross’s goofy and geeky side with Monica that makes us laugh at the way he takes himself so seriously. Ross is also apparently an excellent musician as he started a college band in Chandler ‘Way, No Way’ -Way, that was it’s name… I know. In The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line Ross privileges the other characters by letting them hear The Sound that he used to practice on for hours in his parents basement back in the 80’s. With Ross’s intelligence and portrayed passion and practice for his music, the audience and characters are expecting a Mozart-like performance yet we are displayed with a selection of sounds from the DJ button on the keyboard. You know the one that your music teacher would tell you off for playing!? This obviously is so unexpected and hilarious as Ross takes The Sound very seriously and pauses the characters to clap until the very last sound has finished.

the sound

These are just some of my absolutely favourite Ross moments that I believe form most of the funniest parts of the whole series. Ross’s character and personality makes him funny anyway; especially drunken Ross in Las Vegas- quote ‘Those must be our alcohol and beers’ haha! Although I always said Phoebe was my favourite character as she is so interesting, care free and bubbly, I think we now have a joint first.

Thanks for reading! Now back to my galaxy hot chocolate and Season 9 of my box set.


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