Pumpkins and Failed Icing | Halloween.

Instead of spending this years Halloween at a party or club with a touch of fake blood on my lip that remotely resembles some what of a ‘costume’, I decided it would be fun to have a night in with friends baking Halloween cookie and cakes and having a pumpkin carving competition!

Originally, I had planned to make some ghost cakes, eye ball cakes, spider web cakes, pumpkin cookies and skeleton/mummy cookies so we set of on the Friday night to TESCO’s to gather our ingredients (including the pumpkins). However, nobody told me that basically all the pumpkins had sold out this close to Halloween! so we had to choose the best of the rubbish ones which made an interesting selection! On Saturday afternoon we baked the cookies and the cakes which I carefully followed a child’s cooking book recipe to achieve! Fortunately Adam is extremely better at baking than I am and so took over. They turned out pretty amazingly (if I do say so myself and taking all of Adam’s credit). Now since watching a lot of YouTube videos on baking and icing, I had pretty high expectations of how the icing should look and what specific designs I was going for. I was convinced that what I needed to use was royal icing. So we followed the recipe for royal icing in the book and I had bought an icing bag kit ready for my brilliant designs, yet the icing went so wrong. So very wrong its embarrassing! As you can see from the pictures it was not piping properly and was very runny. And we accidentally made the orange icing taste disgusting by adding too much food colouring that all in all it was disastrous. We completely gave up with the designs for the cakes that we improvised with white chocolate and sprinkles and left the others undecorated! Although it was a tremendous laugh and a lot of fun I think we can take a lesson away from this experience to just buy ready made icing or something.

Since the icing problems took forever! We ended up carving the pumpkins early morning on the Sunday instead. Adam and I were on a team with Rosie and Travis on the other. Dad was meant to form his own team but I dont think he could be bothered to part take in the end 😦 Our design was one of the faces of the little aliens from toy story (the claaaawwww) – those ones. We even cut out some ears for the pumpkin and added detail; it looked awesome! I cant wait for next year. Well actually I cant wait for Christmas first then next year. Thanks for reading!


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