Festive Home Made Wreath | DIY

Yuletide Felicitations readers!

This year I decided I wanted to make my own Christmas wreath with the help from Adam, instead of paying £15- £25 for a shop bought one. It also makes a fun and festive activity to do despite the fiddly parts and constantly being pricked by the holly.

Anyway, first I nicked one of mums wire clothes hangers and bent it into a circular shape. I realised after I had pulled apart the hook that it would’ve been a good idea to keep it intact so I wouldn’t have had to find a ribbon to hold the wreath up and just use the hook– but never mind, just a tip! I then wrapped a black bin bag and newspaper around it followed by some spaciously wrapped brown string that the greenery would be pushed under. Adam and I collected different types of shrubbery to create a textured look. We used conifer, fir tree, holly, ivy and pine cones. We also gathered berries to add colour such as holly berries, sloe berries, red and orange berries.

After securing the greenery into the base, we spray painted some of the berries gold and put red and gold glitter, to add the glamour, onto the cones and berries- which went everywhere! After letting the glue and spray dry the fiddly part comes where you tie the berries onto the greenery using thread. It would probably have been easier to use glue but I’m too impatient for that so it took me about 3 hours. Once all the berries are attached the wreath is finished and ready to look beautiful on your door or could act as a centre piece for Christmas Day. Home made wreaths look so authentic and cosy whilst saving you a few pennies (after you’ve bought the craft supplies first, but it’s okay as they’re only a few pounds). Thank you for reading and have a Merry Christmas!


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