Bristol, BBC, Busy Bee.


I am pretty sure it has been aaaages since my last blog post and my blog has become a little out dated. The last few months have been hectic, I haven’t found any time to blog and it didn’t help that my laptop broke agh.

Let me fill you in!

So basically, I am now an apprentice at the BBC in Bristol! Ahhhhh so exciting! I am doing an advanced level 3 apprenticeship in Creative Digital Media and the journey began back in November. (Bit of background info) I am absolutely passionate about film and film making, cinema and TV. So I have always wanted a career in the industry but didn’t want to go to University that much– I don’t know it didn’t appeal to me that much. After applying for a production apprenticeship in the BBC but not being that successful, I was over the moon that I had been shortlisted from 200 applicants for the Bristol apprenticeship for a Talent Day of 30 ish applicants. This day was really fun and I was just myself, although it was very scary being interviewed by executive producers. When I heard I had got the job I was doing work experience at another British TV show in London and I was so excited I nearly cried and couldn’t wait to tell my family!

Obviously living in Bedfordshire, East Anglia and my new job being 3 hours away in Bristol, I was not prepared to perform a 6 hour commute each day that would be crazy! And so I decided to move to Bristol which was the stressful part as I literally had 1 month to find somewhere, sort out the money adulty part and live. Panic mode activated. I was probably more stressed than doing my A levels (which is definitely saying something) trying to find places on the internet of available properties that were available soon and were still quite cheap as the BBC is in a more expensive part of Bristol- sod’s law! But in the space of 2 days viewing with the help of my mum who was brilliant and my amazing boy friend who helped in every way possible despite living in Sheffield, I finally got there.

I now have settled into my new 2 bed flat who I share with another apprentice as it works out cheaper for us. My favourite things about the flat is that we are right next to Bristol zoo yay! and that we have a fancy garage thing that you need a fob to open the electric door which always entertains me.

It’s now around 1 month and a bit into my apprenticeship and I love it to pieces. I am having so much fun everyday from being on location shoots to going to courses and meetings I feel so privileged and thankful to be given the opportunity that I have and to break into the industry. I am on my way to my ultimate career goal in the Film and TV industry (maybe a director, I’m not sure it’s all very fuzzy) and I couldn’t be happier!

I promise I will be better at posting from now on! Thank you for reading,


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