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Since moving out of Bedfordshire and living on my own I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try changes in my lifestyle. As inspired by my favourite beauty and fitness blogger/vlogger Niomi Smart (who’s upcoming recipe book I’m very excited about btw!) I wanted to try some more natural products myself. These few range from food to makeup to skincare which I have given my opinions on.

Coconut Oil

The first product I have wanted to try for ages was coconut oil and living so close to Holland and Barrett I went and bought some. I had heard so many good things about it and how much of a versatile product it is- which I can agree with. It’s great for cooking as it’s so good for you as an alternative to say olive oil. I mainly use it for cooking as I find it easiest to use that way and I like the taste of the food when you cook with it. It is also pretty good as a makeup remover, although this process is quite messy and can feel really horrible on the eyes. Moreover, it isn’t that good at removing eye makeup but it does leave the skin feeling lovely. I did try putting it in the tips of my hair once but this was a disaster! Do not try this. Abort! Overall, I completely love having coconut oil to cook with and will not be giving it up. It’s great that a little goes a long way as the stuff isn’t that cheap so at least it lasts a while!


Raspberry Leaf Tea

Originally I bought raspberry leaf tea to have a natural product that helps with bad period pains which I can confirm it does ladies! It’s is lovely to have a natural product to help with this instead of taking a load of ibuprofen or paracetamol all the time! But currently I like drinking it generally as a tea. It tastes really nice and not too ‘perfumey’ which I can find with some fruity teas. Overall a great product which is also really affordable.

Natural Deodorant

The next product for review is this Salt Of The Earth natural deodorant. I came across this in one of Niomi Smart’s videos and I was so intrigued as it is a 100% natural deodorant stick- I had to try it out for myself! Of course there is no scent to it and all it does it stop body odor. You apply it to wet skin or wet it and apply to skin. To be honest, I really enjoyed the idea of it as it means your perfume or choice of scent will stand out whilst using a natural product. However, I am not sure it works incredibly well as I haven’t gone a few hours without feeling like I need to top up which with the whole water business would be tricky if you’re out and about. In total, it’s an okay product and I really wish it worked well as it’s animal friendly and environmentally friendly but I am not sure if I would purchase again.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqRe9VonxI0

Neals Yard Remedies Body Butter

First of all, sorry about my appallingly chipped nail varnish! I was given this free in a goody bag at the BBC that also had a tea bag and eye gel samples included. This tiny pot (how cute) of body butter feels so luxurious. The woman actually never said how to use it and but she was talking a lot about putting things under your eyes so I just kind of guessed! I have been using this product as a night and day cream under my eyes which I LOVE! Firstly, it smells like lavender which is amazing and totally relaxing which is great for bed time. And it feels really creamy and smooth that leaves your eyes feeling less puffy which means you look way better in the morning yay! Overall a lovely product, I wish the sample size was bigger as I need to ration it!

Rosie For Autograph Makeup

I am not sure if these products are 100% natural but I know that they are animal cruelty free and are suitable for vegans which I assume means they should be pretty natural and good for you right? Anyway I have wanted some of Rosie H. Whiteley’s make up range because it is all just so beautiful! The packaging is rose gold for a start which I am obsessed with as all my favourite jewellery is rose gold and the quality of the product (which is a really reasonable price) is impressive. I decided to get a lipstick in the shade ‘Rose Lace’ and the ‘Deco Diamonds’ eye shadow palette. The eye shadows are well pigmented and are very wearable especially for hazel eyes. My favourite is the lipstick as it is a gorgeous coral peach nudey colour that goes with pretty much anything. The format of the lipstick is creamy and pigmented whilst tasting of sweets! Which obviously is the best bit. Overall, a beautiful make up range that is so so so affordable whilst feeling so luxurious.

At the end of this long blog post,  I have really enjoyed trying new products especially as they are better for me. I think I will definitely continue using more natural products where I can to fund animal testing free products and to better the environment which is something I feel really strongly about!

Thanks for reading!



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