Loneliness is a good thing?

Helloo everyone,

Again we are delving (is that a word?) into my ‘experiences and lessons that come with moving away’ box thing! And I just wanted to write down about something that I’ve found quite prominent when it comes to moving away by yourself in a new city, for the first time. This is loneliness.

Although I’ve made a lot of new friends through work, TV and I have Adam/people visit me at the weekends, it’s quite hard not to feel alone. I am used to living with my family in our house and surrounded by people I am close to all the time- which I used to think was annoying but now I totally miss it sometimes. I am not as close to people in Bristol and the city can feel big and over whelming. You can easily feel isolated and so far away!

Although you would think loneliness is an incredibly negative feeling which sometimes it can feel like, it’s also a learning curve that has immensely improved my independence and self confidence. It’s scary to think about that fact that I’m on the other side of the country, renting, working as hard as possible but also flapping about kind of knowing what I’m doing- yet it’s also exciting.

Being on your own gives you a lot of freedom to just do what you want and be who you want to be. It’s good for spending time with yourself and exploring. An example of this is last Saturday I went shopping on my own in Cabot Circus! Usually I would’ve found this boring or as something I can’t do because I have no one to go with. But I actually had a really great time and didn’t have to worry about what other people wanted to do, I took my time and enjoyed getting bits for my holiday coming up (side note: YAAY!:D). So many times I havent done things that I wanted to just because of something like none of my friends wanted to or I had no one to do it with or people thought it was stupid but that just meant I was missing out.

Like I said being alone can be freeing. I started Pilates and yoga on my own which is now a regular thing as I enjoy it so much! I met some rock climbers whilst out on a walk who told me how I would go about climbing a cliff so I want to look into rock climbing now. I went to Aardman. I’ve been exploring and finding new places. I suppose it’s a little bit like travelling on your own except staying still haha!

Yet, of course there are days when you can feel really lonely and sad which has been quite hard to get used to but I suppose this is all part of growing up and leaving the nest. Even though being alone can feel like the worst thing in the world, it’s all part of the adventure.

And in the grand scheme, you’re never reallyyyy alone. Everyone’s just a phone call away.

thank you for reading!

Joc x


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