Love, Rosie | Review

Let’s talk about my favourite film: Love, Rosie. After I’ve already raved to and forced my friends (Betsy and Ellie) to watch this, I am now taking to my blog.


For anyone you hasn’t seen the brilliant 2014 rom-com it is essentially a coming of age film set in Britain. The film stars Lily Collins and Sam Claflin play the main characters Rosie and Alex who are best friends since childhood. Love, Rosie follows these two through their teens and young adult life as it is obvious they are destined to be together but so many obstacles get in the way like pregnancy, cheaters, death, university and just plain bad timing.

In my opinion the narrative is well executed and showcases British teen/any teen life so warmly. Every part of the plot effortlessly glides into the next making the whole film so effortless and easy. Whilst doing this all the important small details of character building and explanations throughout the story are included that keeps the narrative always exciting, new and engaging.

The cinematography and sound work together beautifully to create cosy and stunning images which is so lovely to watch. The choice of music really reflects the emotion and mood of the scenes that harmonises with the scenes which can almost give you goose bumps. The ambience of the film comes across so friendly and intimate such as the close up on the pair nearly kissing in the airport. You really become a part of Rosie and Alex’s life which effectively connects you to the characters and share the emotion. Love, Rosie contains aspects of growing up that everyone can relate to in some way whether that be ‘bitchy and full of themselves’ girls, university troubles or even death that allows the audience to really indulge into the film and be part of it. The setting is so simple and normal it can really reach out to anyone and you forget that the characters are just Hollywood celebrity actors and not genuine people.

Love, Rosie has made me cry, made me laugh and has shocked me. I feel like it’ll be a timeless classic to me now that you can watch over and over without getting bored. It’s a staple girls sleepover piece (up with the likes of Bridget Jones, Love Actually or The Other Woman) or just a heart warming ‘friend’ type film that will always cheer you up and be of comfort. It’s just so lovely and makes you smile- even Adam enjoyed it!! It’s definitely my favourite film so far, I love it so much and would honestly recommend to anyone!

Thank you for reading,

Joc x

ps. hey queen Bee!


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