Holibobs Must Haves

In celebration that I haven’t melted in this heat wave and that I’m going on holiday in 2 days, I thought I’d share my summer essentials that aren’t as obvious as sun cream!


I hope you enjoy my lovely squared picture! First up on the list is a disposable camera! These are so cheap from Boots or places like that and you can take some, and I emphasise ‘some’ great images! Although they can turn out a bit poo it’s all part of the fun and it’s nice to actually have photo memories you can hold. It’s all very well taking all our photos on our phone but they’re often forgotten about or never printed yet this way adds a more sentimental value!

I think I’ll go across the square! Second is sunglasses! Now this one is pretty obvious. They protect your eyes from the sun. Great, got it. But also they are perfect for being really nosey without people noticing! -and also help stop headaches which I’m prone too.

Next up is nail varnish. In particular- BRIGHT/NEON nail varnish. If you’re a pale soul like myself and get excited looking down at your body thinking you have a tan whilst sunbathing but realise that’s just the tint from your sunglasses, then I have found a small solution! That was a long sentence. Painting your nails a bright colour gives the illusion of having darker skin. I’m not sure why!? I think it’s the contrast. It’s under the same life hack of standing by things that are white because it makes you look less white (quote Jenna Marbles). But as well as this absolute problem solve, the colours are just so pretty and nothing’s better than freshly painted nails for holibobs.

In fourth point is earphones. Another obvious ones for listening now to your favourite summer playlist by the pool. These are also great to make sure people don’t talk to you and to subtly eaves drop on other people’s conversations and mentally giving them your opinion!

Carmex lip balm is the best!! It’s spf 15, plumps, nourished and hydrates your lips! Adam got me into it and I will never use anything else. It’s just amazing, that’s it!

Next is not necessarily perfume but a summer smell that’s essential to me. Whether it’s a specific fragrance, shower gel, shampoo, mist or moisturiser having a new smell just for summer will remind you of that particular holiday or memory. Whenever you smell it again you’ll be transformed back and it’ll be lovely! It’s also just pampering to get new toiletries before holiday I think 🙂

Dry shampoo is essential when it’s just too hot to bother with your hair and you’ve already been in the sea and have got sun cream sitting in some strands. Spray and ruffle, quick and easy; you’re ready to go and the greasiness has been taken care of! Also if you have long hair like me it’s effort to wash and if you just can’t be bothered that much on holiday then dry shampoo is a life saver!

Finally is flippie floppies!! I HATE having be hot feet so flip flops are my saviours. I used to hate having the plastic between my toes but I don’t mind it now. They’re easy to slip on and off wherever, they go with anything and they’re light. They also make a GREAT sound 😀

And that concludes my summer essentials for this post! I have loads more as I’m sure does everyone! This was just some of my faves! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer to far and is not too hot! I’ve had to sit in the freezer to cool down- something I’ve taken full advantage of as Dad would’ve told me off back home haha! I’m off to paint my nails and pack now.

Thanks for reading.

Joc x


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