Coolest Cinema Ever

Now I’ve only been to this cinema twice but it has by far easily become my absolute favourite cinema ever! The newest edition to Whiteladies Road is the Everyman cinema next to The Cow Shed and it’s amazing! And let me tell you por qué.

I believe that the Everyman cinema is a smaller chain of cinemas with some dotted around the country. They are less known but are like the understated secret of picture houses. For a start it’s BEAUTIFUL! The building’s exterior gives off a brilliant 1920s luxurious look with its marbles columns and steps, old fashioned black showing guide and it’s bold golden sign.

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Inside it’s just as magnificent! The decor is red and gold plush everywhere! There are old movies on the walls and stylish bar seating complimented by soft low lighting that really gives a step back in time feel. As well as being cosy and friendly.

The cinema has a bar where you can drink and eat nachos, hot dogs or the essential popcorn and you can bring your drinks into the screen too! One of my faaaaavourite things about the cinema is that you can order food/ drink to your seat during the 25 mins of adverts. Yes that’s right, ORDER  to your seat!!! Just a quick recommendation, is to order the chocolate milkshake. It is honestly the best milkshake I’ve ever had (no exaggeration). It comes delivered (oouup;)) to your seat in a cold Kilner jar with a straw and it’s so delicious (as well is the popcorn). You NEED to try it. You’re probably thinking that this experience can’t get any better? Well you’re wrong my friend.

The 3 screens in the cinema top everything off! The room is decorated with elegant gold framing on the walls and ceiling that makes it feel extra special. There are no seats in the cinema JUST 2 seater plush red sofas- each complete with a little table either side and fancy decorative cushions. It also has Plenty of leg room! Although I’m only 5ft 3 so this may not apply to everyone but I can stretch out my legs and not even touch the sofa in front. And my boyfriend who’s 6ft 4 easily has plenty of room! The screen quality is perfect as well is the sound volumes. An alround just a perfect experience! Even the loos are lovely! I don’t know about you but I feel you can tell a lot by a place if they have lovely loos.

The Everyman is perfect for an awesome cinematic experience or even as a place to go for drinks and being social. Although the tickets are more expensive at £13 (you can buy membership cards though) and the food is more pricey, the experience and day/night out is so worth it. It’s a treat. The staff there are so friendly and kind both when I went to watch a film and to take pictures inside- they didn’t judge haha!

So that is why the Everyman is my favourite cinema an I’d recommend it to anyone in a heart beat!

Thanks for reading! I’m off to see Finding Dory tonight woohoo! Been waiting since 2003!

Joc x


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