Baby Dory Will Make You Cry | Review

As you would know from my previous blog post, I finally went to see Andrew Stanton’s Finding Dory at the weekend. Let me just say I (and Ellen Degeneres) have been WAITING for a Finding Nemo sequel since 2003 (as Finding Nemo is my faaaaaav from Pixar) and it did not disappoint! I had to slow down drinking my Fanta Ice Blast to make sure I didn’t need the loo halfway and miss any!

I loved it from the beginning to the end so much. The story was so heartwarming, light and had a happy ending. I thought the range of characters was great with a vast of personalities. Hank and Becky were some of my favourites!

The film was mostly set in a Sea Life Centre and highlighted the negativitys that come with aquariums such as touch pools. It was also so educational for children (the film’s secondary audience) and obtained inspirational morals to not give up and that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Which I think was part of why the film was so great!

Dorys adventure is so moving and gripping. I got really into the movie and found there were times that were funny and times that were more emotional such as when you found out what happened to baby Dory (no spoilers!). It was a joy to watch and Thomas Newman’s soundtrack was beautiful as always.

Just as a warning if you do watch it that baby Dory is ridiculously cute. So cute in fact that I actually cried! I just couldn’t deal with the cuteness. She is so small and has massive eyes and her voice is awwwww. It made me fall in love with Dory even more.

Overall I found the film a brilliant experience and a lovely tale of everyone’s favourite fish. Pixar, you are outstanding at delivering heartwarming, cosy and feel good movies. Finding Dory was definitely no exception and I applaud you!

Absolute 10/10. I’d recommend to anyone even aliens in space in the blink of an eye.

Joc x


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