Obsessed With Olivia Burton

I am absolutely obsessed with Olivia Burton watches. They are so beautiful and classy and I want them all! I’m using this blog post to share how much I think they’re amazing and that everyone should have one. Even when I see a friend with one I’m like ‘oooo you have an Olivia Burton!:D’ because I’m sad and get over excited by small things.


For any one who doesn’t know, Olivia Burton are based in London and design affordable ladies watches that are absolutely gorgeous. The company shows their latest collections on their Instagram and Twitter page (which I obviously intensely follow both) and have a website where you can easily purchase an item.

The watches are so quaint and elegant and come in a range of colours and designs! There are some amazing floral and animal designs that I have my eye on for a next watch! I already have two.

I first got my classic black and gold watch for my 18th birthday that I love so much and goes with everything! I then got my second watch from my boyfriend for Christmas which is rose gold with a lilac strap and is too so pretty. They come in a really sweet box with a cushion. They act as staple accessories and make any outfit complete! As well as being good as just well you know… A watch haha!

The ONLY slight draw back that I would say there is is that the lilac leather strap doesn’t hold up as well as the black– maybe it shows up the dirt more as its light.

So if anyone’s looking for gift ideas, get an Olivia Burton watch!

Thanks for reading,

Joc xx



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