Working with Radio 1!

A few months ago I was asked by the BBC to go and work with the Radio 1 academy for a day in Exeter. Of course I said yes as the event sounded really cool! So myself and two other apprentices gave people advice and chatted but also had a great time participating in everything that was going on too!

We were based in this large room where you could have a go at DJing or 360 virtual reality or even be a Rafio 1 presenter! Being a presenter with the green screen was so much fun although as you felt like you were actually on air!! Although i messed up a lot as you have to count down before saying your script.. Oops!

There was also a table where you could 3D print in chocolate! Unfortunately that was crazy busy so didn’t get to have a go at that but we did get entry into the Radio 1 Live Lounge where we watched the lovely Laura Mvula play! – I’m loving her song with Wretch 32 ‘Something’ at the minute.

As well as this, Radio 1 was actually airing from the event in Exeter so everyone like Scott Mills, Gregg James and Clara Anfo was there. One of the girls I was with got put on the radio with Scott Mills and Gregg James to play ‘bangers’ which is a game where the DJs play songs each and the contestant has to choose the best song and therefore the winner! This was really cool and surreal to watch!

The day was a great day and really eye opening to the world of Radio!! I may revisit again and become a radio DJ if I master the script countdowns haha! Who knows.

I leave you with some pictures, sorry about the crappy quality, I was mostly to hyped to be capable of taking a literal still image. 😚

Thanks for reading!

Joc x


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