Planet Earth 2 | World Premiere

On November 2nd I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Planet Earth 2 with Sir David Attenborough!!

It was such a great evening in the Showcase cinema where we watched the first episode ‘Islands’ which included a mini making of at the end. The film included problems and challenges of a variety of amazing creatures ranging from red crabs to the largest penguin colony in the world! (Yaaay my fave animal).

Im not going to give away any spoilers as to the stories in the film but what I will say was how unbelievably beaaaaaautiful the film was. The shots were so different and intimate that you really got into the animals world and could really feel all the emotions that the Planet Earth 2 team created.

I especially loved the Komodo Dragon sequence which really emphasised and celebrated the size and power of these dragons. It was all amazing!

At the end of the film we had a panel interview with the executive producer, series producer, producer, and Sir David Attenborough himself! I have to admit I fangirled a lotttt listening to Sir David. He was so humble and sweet and you could tell he was just so passionate about animals and his job which was so inspiring.

I loved the screening so much, it was incredibly inspiring and such a joy to see some of my new friends with their names on the credits of an exciting new natural history series.

I will never forget it! And will be rewatching it again when it airs on November 6th!

Thanks for reading! I leave you with some pictures of the evening. Sorry about the awful quality– it was dark in the cinema.

Joc xx



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