My First Ever TV Credits!

I want to talk about the Countryfile’s Ramble for Children In Need programme that aired yesterday as it was the programme that featured my first ever TV credits and I’m so excited and proud!

Since last year, Countryfile has made a programme to raise money for Children In Need where young people with disabilities would pain themselves on challenging hike.

I worked on the Sugarloaf Mountain ramble with Anita Rani and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to see the whole process of this film through. For some production management training, I had the responsibility of setting up the logistics of the shoot which included sorting travel, accommodation, kit and budgets!

I was so excited to go on the shoot as I had a lovely team to work with and I was just so eager to get out on location. I had the job role of being runner and Anita’s right hand women. I was also the photographer for the day to capture all the emotion and behind the scenes for publicity. Jo the series producer chose my image to put on the TX card and thumbnail for up later which I thought was pretty cool as I spent most of the time trying not to trip and take pictures haha! I also assisted Stef the camera man and collected some Vox Pops (which are small impromptu interviews) for Polly our director which was really fun!

The views up the Sugarloaf were amazing even though it was slightly overcast. And all the ramblers agreed it was a great day out. Furthermore, it was so so lovely to see Olivia who is helped by funding from CIN, meet her idol Alex Walkinshaw. He was such a sport and so kind coming all the way from Kent to make Olivia’s day.

After the shoot, I spent time in the edit to see it all come together and experience the post process of a Countryfile programme at Evolutions. I really enjoyed sitting with Will Norie who is a dubbing mixer at Evos as it was so cool and interesting to see how he mixes music, voices and sorts the sound for TV with all his fancy buttons! I also sat with Tom Heap and John Craven as they did their voice overs for the programme which was pretty cool to see how they use different tones specifically.

I first saw my credits on the viewing session where we watched the whole programme through for Jo and other producers to make their notes. It was so exciting to see my name on screen and to see myself in some shots of the film. But it didn’t compare to seeing it on BBC one on linear TV!

I’m really proud of my credits and cannot wait for the next!

Thank you for reading!

Joc x


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