The Missing | Review

Honestly, I haven’t watched much TV lately as I’ve been so busy this year and it’s quite hard to find the time to take out even an hour to sit down and watch something even though I’d quite like to! I’ve never really jumped on the band wagon of watching all the Netflix series that everyone loves. I’ve never seen The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and shows like that. I watched a little bit of OITNB but got bored. So I mostly stuck to watching films and Come Dine With Me every now and again!

However, I reached a revelation a few weeks ago when I discovered the BBC one drama ‘The Missing’. Even though I hardly watch much dramas, I was instantly HOOKED with The Missing. If you don’t know about The Missing (and without giving away any spoilers) it’s a drama series about the investigation of an abduction of a young girl. The series is set throughout 3 ish time periods and has every character’s story link together- much like Love Actually but more shocking.

What I loved most about the series was how it was written. I thought it was written so cleverly and had the plot catch you out which kept you on the edge of your seat all the time! Hats off to Harry and James Walker. Every episode was so gripping and revealed little clues which made you turn into an agent from the FBI as you made up your own conclusions! – this was rather fun. Moreover, I believe that the narrative was a great balance between being really shocking, controversial and imaginative and being realistic which enhanced the emotions running through the series so much more as it could be possible to relate to. So much so, that I was so destraught with what happened to Jorn (the policeman) (again no spoilers) because he was one of my favourite characters and didn’t deserve it! Is it possible to hate Adam Gettrick, a fictional character? Just for this, let alone the fate of the girls, yes it is possible. It takes so much skill for writers to get their audience so invested so deeply with characters, and you can see this by the reactions on Twitter! Bravo.

The ending was quite important to me as I was praying so much for it to be a goodun as a bathos at the end of such scripted adrenaline would be absolutely horrendous- I’m sure some fans would riot. I have to say that I enjoyed the ending and it was satisfying in that every aspect gets resolved in the way everyone wanted it to. Obviously there are some twists, sadder bits and disappointing bits (Adam Gettrick didn’t explode and die unfortunately) but that adds to the realism of the story and what it would actually be like. I often compare this to how I felt about the ending of the Harry Potter series. By this I mean that when Harry defeats Voldemort I kind of wanted huge explosions and a huge fuss and loudness over his death but instead he just faded away. I suppose this is slightly the same with The Missing. However, like I said the consistency of the realism is important and has a grounding and authentic structure.

I sincerely hope there will be another series and I am tempted to just rewatch the whole thing again. The Missing was such a great watch! I can’t rave enough and I thoroughly recommend. This will be the second series I force my boyfriend to watch after we’ve finished the FRIENDS box set haha!

Thank you for reading.

Joc x


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