Lessons learnt from 2016

Hello, hope everyone had a loooovely Christmas and a happy new year- I personally ate too much as I’m sure everyone else did.

Apart from 2016 sort of going down as a shitty year in terms of awful events and deaths that occurred, for me, 2016 felt like I whole new rebirth of life as I literally dived into the deep end, took chances and experiences that I want to share.

Firstly, the year just gone was the first time I ever lived and moved away from my family home. Not just moving down the road though, I moved a whole 3 hours away to Bristol to pursue my dream career.

I feel like I don’t always give myself enough credit for taking this step and fleeing the nest quite young (at 18) as looking back I was really brave for getting up and going. I learnt how to do rent and bills and fend for myself. My independence has grown immensely and I feel a lot more productive.

I have worked at the BBC for a year after coming out of school where I have learnt so much about the TV industry and making creative content. I have learnt more skills and developed new passions like photography. I have learnt that working really hard does pay off.

I have learnt that volunteering can lead you places and meet people who can offer new opportunities.

I have learnt to be on my own and to enjoy my own company. Along side this I have learnt to deal with and overcome uneasiness of being alone and exploring a new places.

This year in 2017 I want to be even more determined and courageous to see what the year holds- cheesy. It is easy to get caught up in everything and forget about your achievements and be hard on yourself. It’s good to reflect on your successes and what you’ve learnt and are proud of.

I think my New Years resolution, apart from the cliche ‘get fit’, is to write a diary everyday to have a better memory of the year, in some ways I use my blog as a kind of diary. To always be positive, hardworking and find a good side in every situation.

Thank you for reading.



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