Chucked in at the deep end!

I would say that the way I live my life at the minute is feeling as though I’ve been chucked in the deep end and I’m just sort of figuring it out. As I’ve not gone to uni and am actively working/ looking for work in the industry Im interested in rather than having the comfort of doing something for 3 years- it can be a really uncertain feeling which is a bit pooey. (Appreciation for my technical term there!)

However, I like to think of myself as a positive person so I have recognised optimistic attributes to this situation or feeling which I’m sure everyone goes through some time in their lives! And as I believe currently a lot of people are feeling either lost of overwhelmed due to the relevant state of the world- here are my tips of how to turn being chucked in the deep end into positive thinking. Because no one wants to be sad because sad spelt backwards is das and das not good hahaha (sorry). *ahem* although some of these points may be great advice- some you may already know but that’s okay cos reminders are always nice 🙂

Okay, so my first point is to take the fear and channel it into being excitement! It’s easier said than done but instead of feeling lost or panicky about what to do in life, think of it as freedom and the excitement to do whatever you want and realise that any opportunity can come your way. Most people are scared of the unknown but I also think it should be exciting.

My next point is to realise that the best way to get over your fears or to do something you’ve always wanted to do is to just do it! I know again it’s easier said than done but I actually did do this a week ago! And you have nothing to lose! For example, I went on a shoot last week to Devon and I had to drive a large saloon car down the motorway from Bristol on a long journey in an automatic that id never driven before, on my own. This initially scared the absolute crap out of me as I had done hardly any motorway driving, I’d never driven an automatic or a car that big, and I would be driving around crew and talent too. But I thought to myself that the opportunity was too good to miss and I would have to drive like that some time so I just said yes and just did it. Although my palms were sweating for the first hour of driving and the satnav broke, it was a success and I am so confident in my driving now and there was really nothing to fuss about it was all fine AND I really enjoyed the drive up and down! So just say yes and do it.

Moreover, realise that you’re not alone and that a lot of people probably feel the same as you. I feel like this is an important point because you can get wrapped up in feeling lost which can be incredibly lonely. So talk to other people about your feelings and most of the time they can relate and you can encourage and help each other through the deep!

Next is to make sure you keep calm and remember you’re only human! Take time out to relax and not feel guilty for putting your feet up once in a while- something I am so bad at and am trying to improve! I always feel like I need to be doing something which means I can easily over work myself and get tired which is incredibly counter productive. So keep calm and keep steady 🙂

My last point is to just keep going and not give up. I get that being in the deep end can be hard sometimes but just remember you’re improving everyday! Try not to be knocked back by rejection, think of it as experience and believe in yourself. A great quote that resonates with me is ‘No doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means you can’t do it with them’ which is soooo true!

So yeah, overall make sure to keep going because pretty much everyone’s winging it anyway and eventually you’ll figure it all out. And as Jenna Marbles said, we’re all here for a reason even if that’s just to look at cats on the Internet 🙂

Let me know your opinions! Thanks for reading.



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