Socially Acceptable Dressing Gowns

I don’t know about you but my favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe is hands down my dressing gown (oo that rhymed).

I literally wear my dressing gown everyday, all day, when I come home my dressing gown goes on; I live in it. To be honest I don’t get why anyone wouldn’t wear their dressing gown most of the time. It’s like wearing a warm, snuggly in door cloak that you can parade about the house in making you feel quite regal actually. I am sure that this nation has an underlying love and appreciation for dressing gowns that is just accepted. Recently I saw a viral tweet that I will show here which is so true and that everyone will agree with.



So because of my love for my comfy regal robe, I had an epiphany that there should be socially acceptable dressing gowns to wear ‘on the outside’. Obviously I don’t mean in a lazy or slobby way that will make you look like a chav, but in a subtle way where you will be accepted in society whilst wearing your dressing gown but no one will know! You will get the comfort and warmth without looking a bit mental. Excellent!

I am aware there are already some coats in shops like trench coats that are the same style as dressings gowns but what I was thinking is having a coat like that but lined with dressing gown material. Amazing! Im thinking there would have to be a more secret group only wearing these genius inventions otherwise otherwise people would know the secret and it may be seen as a normal dressing gown again.

Let me know what you think. Or perhaps even a new technology in fabric that makes it feel like a dressing gown haha!

Thanks for reading,

Joc x



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