Beauty and the Beast |Review

I know this may sound cliché, but Belle was always my favourite Disney Princess growing up and I think that was mostly down to being the one I look most similar to. And with Beauty and the Beast coming second in my line of favourite Disney films (The Lion King being first of course) I was so so excited about seeing the new remake out in cinemas. So, a few weeks ago I went to see the new Beauty and the Beast at a questionable Odeon in Bristol and absolutely looooove love loved it and therefore wanted to write a review (I apologise for the late publication!) to share my many many opinions on the film that my friends and family may have told me to shut up over.

I can start off by saying that I absolutely loved it! (surprise suprise) I really did sit there with my strawberry laces, grinning like a Cheshire cat… It can’t be denied that overall, the film was such a feel good modern twist on a classic that was beautifully shot and created.

What immediately struck me was having Emma Watson cast as Belle. Now, before I saw the film I honestly wasn’t sure on my opinion as Emma playing Belle as Emma is still very much Hermione to a lot of people. I was worried it would just look like a French deathly hallows if you know what I mean!- especially as Emma is very British in accent. And to be honest it was a bit strange at first but Watson really fits as Belle as you watch on- hooray 🙂 Other than her Hermione legacy, Emma really suited Belle in many ways. One being her modest beauty in comparison to the extravagantly made up 18th century French girls that highlights Belle differently. We all know Belle sees the good inside people and is motivated through books and education which differs to other princesses who strive to find a prince. I think this is a great moral for younger girls which you can see Emma believes in through her feminism campaigns.

I hate it when remakes leave out bits of the original (and often you’re favourite bit too) yet luckily Beauty and the Beast didn’t do this which I really enjoyed! They infact added small extra parts to the story that was enough to provide more information and make more sense to something without going on a tangent. For example, I loved exploring the enchantresses character who we learn is called Agathe. She is given a great story in the film whilst being so mysterious. It was comforting that Belle and Maurice had someone else quietly on their side.

Moreover, probably one of my favourite characters in this remake was Le Fou. He made me laugh quite a lot and was very grounded. I appreciated when he went against Gaston by sticking to his morals and not fully be a puppet to the antagonist. Furthermore, I noticed the creators had added nods to Le Fou being gay which I thought was really great in terms of equality and bringing Beauty and the Beast into the 21st Century.

CGI now a days always continues to amaze me with what is capable and the effects and animations created in the film were no exception. My favourite bit was during ‘Be Our Guest’ as the show was so vibrant and magnificent! It was brilliant I just felt like getting up and singing along! Talking of music- the soundtrack is so beautiful. It always is, it’s Disney- need I say more? However, the only thing I was slightly disappointed about was that I thought Belles ball gown in ‘Tale As Old As Time’ was quite underwhelming:( To me, it sort of looked like a puffy yellow prom dress rather than an absolutely gorgeous golden and sunny gown that trailed miles behind with rays of shine and intricate details on it. Belles dress had these weird chiffon flaps on it which aren’t even part of the original dress! – The original dress has swirls. Against the ball room she didn’t really match up enough. Never mind, the Beast looked amazing in his suit to balance it out.

Nonetheless, I incredibly enjoyed Beauty and the Beast and couldn’t recommend it enough! Im so glad they didn’t ruin a childhood favourite and did an excellent job of keeping the enchantment but also making it it’s own. I want to see it again!

Thanks for reading!

Joc x



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