I missed the winning goal!

My boyfriend is a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan and a few weeks ago he invited me to go and watch them play against Newcastle at Hillsborough. I had watched them at Wembley last year and quite enjoyed it so I went!

Now I really do not know hardly anything about football and don’t really understand what’s going on. So as a non footbally person, let me share my version of a football game experience with you and I have some ‘guides’ as to what to do as well!

Firstly, I’d say the best part of the experience is the atmosphere! Everyone is really buzzing and it gets really loud and passionate which you can really lap up! Also it’s great fun to sing the chants- you only have to listen a couple of times and you’ll pick them right up. Although if you really have no idea what’s being said then humming the rhythm should work fine.

Always take a jacket and stay with someone. You are almost guaranteed to get lost if you haven’t memorised your specific seat number as it’s absolutely ramo so stick with someone. It’s cold after a while, eventhough the roof bit makes you feel like you’re inside- you’re not.

Dont blink or you’ll miss! Fortunately, The Owls won the game (woop!) but I miss their second goal by just glancing away for a second at this pigeon! One minute everyone was calmly sat spectating the next I knew was an uproar and cheering as a goal had been scored and I missed it! So pay attention.

Only ask about the meaning and reasoning of the ‘off side’ rule if you have an hour to spare. I took forever to grasp the concept. Im not sure if that’s just me though! I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a complicated rule to get if you don’t know football!?

I would recommend. Although I wasn’t too sure of everything and have never been a football loving person, I can say I did really enjoy it and I will go again (once I’ve grasped offside?)

Thanks for reading!



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