My Laser Hair Removal Journey | Part 1

Ever since I started shaving at around 13 I think? I have always struggled with hair removal. I fall into the category of people who have sensitive light coloured skin with very dark thick hair. And whilst it’s lovely to have this hair on your head, eyebrows and eyelashes… Unfortunately, it does mean it comes as a package every where else too which is a massive pain. The hair where I shave (so legs, bikini, and under arms) was very coarse and would come back coarser if shaven. Shaving would last only one day really leaving stubble that was so short to shave off again but noticeable to see. I suffered with bad ingrown hairs and irritation and I hated it! I had tried creams, waxing and different shaving products and techniques. All this either did no improvement at all or gave me more ingrown hairs and irritation. It had got to the point where social events were worked around my hair growth and shaving, where I hated summer as I didn’t want to get my legs out, I struggled on holiday and was just embarrassed. Although I know mostly it was just a personal issue as my friends and family always said they could never see anything bad or a problem but it did heavily effect my happiness and confidence. So I seriously wanted to do something about it and that is where Laser Hair Removal comes into the equation!

I have been planning on making this post for a long time because when I was researching about Laser Hair Removal there wasn’t much that people had said and I really wanted an honest experience from someone and to get their opinion. So this is what this part series will be to hopefully help anyone out there that’s considering Laser Hair Removal or wants to know someone else’s experience. I will document as I go along my journey and you can track my progress with me as well as provide my tips!

Okay, so before I started my Laser Hair Removal Treatment I shopped around and had consultations with different clinics to see how professional and medically equipped they are and to compare prices. I highly recommend you do this becuase there are so many horror stories of people going to a dodgy place and getting their skin burnt. I chose Sk:n clinics in Bristol as they had lovely staff who knew exactly what they are doing. They are extremely professional and will answer all your questions and are comforting during the procedure. Most of the ladies there have had lasering themselves so you can see the results first hand on a person. So make sure you are 100% happy with who you’re getting treatment with.

I started my treatment in February and have just come back from my 3rd treatment today! I am getting my full legs and extended bikini done and for best results you go for 8 treatments every 6 weeks so on a whole this process takes up the best part of a year.

So what is Laser Hair Removal?

Without going into the science too much, this removal type permanently removes hair on your body by killing the actual hair growing follicle so that hair cannot grow. Although they don’t say it is 100% permanent for life (because no one has lived long enough to prove it) it does have very very long term results with removing most of your hair and then anything that’s left over will be very fine and small so that it’s unnoticeable. It is hormonal dependent too so if you did get pregnant it may bring some hairs back but you can have a one off treatment for that. You need to have at least 6 treatments for best results because your hair grows in 6 week stages and you won’t target every hair in one go. Once you’ve had your treatment session, the hair is now dead. As result it will begin to fall out slowly and that is how it is physically removed from your body.

What happens in your sessions?

So what happens in the chair is that grids are marked on my legs to break up the surface area and a circular looking laser with cold air shoots down your hair follicle. Here are some pictures of the process. In the laser picture the lady is posing for demonstration purposes as you’re not allowed to take pictures whilst the laser is on. You also have to wear funky glasses that reminds me of the Mike TeeVee scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!


This is me grimacing in my glasses haha!

Does it hurt?

Well in my experience yes. And a lot. I take something to bite onto each time as I find it that painful especially on the bikini line. However, some people don’t find it painful at all and it does get less painful every time because the hair is less and less coarse. The pain is from the heat of the laser traveling down the hair onto the follicle and that’s why the coarser hair hurts more as there’s more of it. The pain can be related to a small elastic band twang but that as a continuous process is painful!

What are my symptoms/ side effects?

You can expect from the lasering to have your skin turn red and spotty for a few hours- a day which is perfectly normal. You can have water spray and aloe gel to cool it as your legs will feel hot. I did get some bruising on my first and second time which went away quickly and my ingrown hairs fell out almost immediately. I also get some little red bumps on the skin but again everything fades pretty quickly and your skin is left smooth. I did have what I call pepper spots after the first time which is where the dead hair had got stuck under the skin leaving what looks like little black dots but that goes on your second treatment. My hair started to fall out at around 10 days after my treatment each time and will carry on till your next one. DSC_0234

Is it worth the investment?

A lot of my friends jump for joy at the thought of getting Laser Hair Removal once learning I’m getting it done but then gasp at the price tag. There’s no denying that this process is expensive. Personally I paid over £1000 to have it done, so this really is something to invest in and think about if you really want it to make your life happier. In my case, I definitely know this is what I want to improve my confidence and can enjoy summer and my plans for travelling without having to worry about hair removal. I think it’s totally worth it if you are struggling badly like I did. It’s already only been 3 sessions and I can see immense improvement already! I will show a before and after picture when I’ve finished my treatment for comparison.

Please comment if you have any questions- I’m an open book!

Thanks for reading,

Joc xx


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