Namast’ay In Bed.

I like the title as you could actually do yoga in bed with child’s pose and laying on your back with your eyes closed (an actual yoga pose!) But I prefer going out to yoga classes myself.

I think when I used to imagine yogis, I’d think of someone really tanned, long hair, on a beach, vegan, and says ‘man’ a lot. Kind of like that really annoying charter with dreadlocks in Inbetweeners 2 when Will did that HILARIOUS guitar performance- anyway off the point!

Now I imagine myself breathing heavily through the plank and trying to balance in warrior 1 pose as I, have now become a yogi. Although I can find yoga challenging, I can’t rave about it enough. I know everyone goes on about it being good for the soul and stress and all that fairy stuff but it actually is great! I don’t know about you, but I literally stress and worry about everything to the point where I will worry about worrying- stupid I know, it drives Adam (bf) crazy! However, do a bit of yoga, a few downward dogs, tree and pigeon (I always laugh at this one tehe!) poses alongside some mindful breathing and I feel like a new woman! It’s so super for just calming you, detangling your mind as well as increasing your flexibility and I love it!

Apparently, I didn’t know this, but we’re meant to breathe in for 3 and out for 5 (I think) as our normal breathing rate but we’re all too busy to do this. But if you practice some simple breathing exercises like you do in yoga it really benefits your overall well-being and takes stress away when we get stuck in our heads. In fact during my most recent respiration workout I thought about a theory as to why we all seem to find the beach and the sound of the sea so calming. And I reckon it’s because it’s the same rhythmn and sort of whoosh sound as deep breathing which is also very calming! Coincidence? I think not.

Moreover, I’m really enjoying the what I call ‘yoga fashion’ of low tensity active wear where you can sport loose clothing that doubles as being pretty- and you sweat hardly, always a bonus! Although, I have found that too loose a clothing item can lead to some involuntary flashing in certain positions.

But yes, everyone should do a bit of yoga or just stretch a bit. We will all be calmer and happy whilst feeling all long and tall and the world will be a better place I’m sure. My last tip though- don’t relax too much or you’ll fart.

Thanks for reading! Namasté.



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