What to live for!? Euphoria | ‘I think’ series…

It’s currently 22:49 on a Friday evening. Im sitting on my living room windowsill wrapped in my amazing £12 Primark blanket just watching the world through the glass and I feel happy. The new place I’ve moved into is right at the top of the building which means a loooot of stair climbing but the best view ever at the top makes it worth the struggle.

So. Im staring out at the hundreds of twinkling street lights below and I’m thinking. I do a lot of thinking which annoyingly can cause a lot of worrying alongside but mostly that’s just me. Already I worry this post will fall into a category of cornyness or seriousness but id like to put it with reflection or mind wandering maybe, I think.

I can still just make out the horizon and the clouds are moulding into the sky now and I want to talk about what we live for and Euphoria. I know you’re thinking woah Joc! This could become an existential crisis without a gin and tonic to accompany the conversation, but hey my style is light hearted, I think! Especially in light of recent horrible events in the UK and around the world (won’t mention this for too long cos this post will be popping with positivity!) the idea of our purpose fascinates me.

I bet if you asked people what they lived for they’d say they didn’t know. Probably because it’s a bit of a random and personal question. I think there’s no denying that most people live for their family, friends, to be successful, to have children, to have a good job, money, travel, feel alive and above all be happy. I think a lot of the time all this is taken for granted and the tough times can often override the good times because you assume and expect to have a great life and great health. Yes, I know this is all well and good and everyone knows this, almost every public speaker or inspirational individual would have preached along these lines. This isn’t brand new information because we all do know how precious life is; we get it. But the problem with that is that awareness doesn’t fulfill appreciation which is why I love Euphoria.

I live for an emotion instead of a physical being?

Euphoria *intense state of happiness and confidence* is one of the best feelings ever that comes close to love and magic. Experiencing euphoria is being incredibly happy, just in that moment no matter what it is, that you’re so in the present you have no choice but to feel so grateful for where you are right there, who you’re with and what you’re doing. And I know I’m writing like an over romantic cringe love genre author but I cannot champion the feeling enough! It can bring you to tears people!- you just feel so good to be alive; it’s immensely freeing.

And the best thing is that you don’t look for it in the most exotic travel destination, or in your new jaguar f type, your extra £10k salary increase or your 100 likes on your instagram selfie. Euphoria is there in the humble moments and it keeps you grounded.

I always remember my feelings of Euphoria and I treasure them deeply to look back on. One time of such happiness was when Adam and I were driving to Norfolk and the moon was really bright. I remember just watching it move in the sky as we drove whilst singing along to music. It was only simple and small but also brilliant and great 🙂 My most recent dose of utter Euphoria was at a wedding. It was the reception and we were all having a super time already on the booze and dancing to the classic disco tunes every Dj seems to play. I was sitting smiling and I felt it just when I watched mum and dad dancing and being silly enjoying themselves. And that will now always be a warm memory. It’s bittersweet as you know also that you’re going to miss what you’re living already.

I champion Euphoria as you feel so lucky, so alive and so free. I hope that everyone will experience it atleast once, it’ll change your life. And in a world seemingly full of pain and heartbreak currently, this is a gentle reminder that not is all lost. I think.

Joc xx


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