PLL End Game! |Review

SO I’ve not really been one to get on that Netflix TV series bandwagon as I’ve not watched anything like Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl or even Orange is the New Black that everyone raves about. HOWEVER, it all chaaaanged this year when my sister was watching Pretty Little Liars so I decided to watch too. And after absolutely annoying my sister with a billion questions about what was going on (which btw where responded with ‘just watch it!’)- it was safe to say I had accidentally got dragged into the addiction and was hooked!

Since March I have pretty much sat and binged watched all 7 seasons until now where I’ve finished it 😦 and I loved it so much I’m so sad it’s ended. It was a great source of escapism and thrilling narrative. Many times it had me right on the edge of my seat and I hardly found it practicable either- so many good twists!! Moreover, I really believe the acting and characters involved were super relatable and brilliantly performed which made the watch extra enjoyable. Often with thriller’y’ types of TV you can get really awful and cringe acting which is the worst! But nope I now really want to be Spencer’s best friend and want the best for Toby as if they’re actual real people. I don’t care, I’m denial it’s not over!Haha.

Of course, the overall story was incredibly gripping and exciting with clever connections planted here and there that tied everyone and everything in Rosewood together so well done to the writers! The only thing I wasnt too sure on was the season (I think 5 or 6) where the girls came back after A was revealed as young women which I didn’t like as much because I think it was a bit over egged? The point was to find out who A was from the beginning which was resolved so I don’t get the added conflict? Ah well, I still loved it regardless- it was probably pleaded to be back by popular demand due to the fans WHICH I can totally understand.

The actress who plays Spencer really isn’t that great at a cockney accent though. Even though *spoiler alert* Alex (Spencer’s evil twin) satisfyingly reveals the last loose bits of information I wasn’t sure about having A.D be some randomer who turns up in the last episode? Sure it was a good twist and explained ALOT of behaviour and questions but perhaps a bit of a rush and half arsed decision? What do the fellow Pll fans think?? I can’t decide. Despite this, the end game was still so great and quite emotional to be honest. Pretty Little Liars was such a thrill and a pleasure to watch, I’d highly recommend it to everyone! Aslong as you can dodge all the spoilers plastered on the Internet. There’s so many laughs, devastating times and secrets you’ll love it! So cancel all your other programmes and please watch PLL so I can have someone to natter about it with! Maybe Riverdale as my next watch eh?

Thanks for reading!


*I leave humming the theme tune*


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