World Class Make-up Hacks For Lazy People!

Are you somebody that wants to look good but feels too lazy to do a full face? Or perhaps you got up late and have limited time to apply makeup? Or maybe you’ve already spent 1 hr and 30 mins on styling your hair to a fabulous red carpet standard and have accidentally left no time for makeup and have your family threatening to leave the house without you? THEN you have clicked on the right post! I, too, am almost always all of those things. As I have *what I call* -(alright Patricia Hodge) lazy female syndrome and have developed some serious talent doing my makeup in the car (by talent I mean 100% accurate record of not poking my eye out with a mascara wand and not having every product smudged over my face- I know pretty impressive 😏) AND have stumbled upon mini makeup hacks that will totally change your life.

So sit down, buckle up and pay attention as I offer my helpful services for a new and improved morning routine… You can all thank me later.

1. Melt your mascara.

How annoying is it when your mascara is dryer one day making it slower to get ultimate lush lashes? This might be because your mascara got cold and has dried up a bit. SOLUTION? Quickly get your hair dryer and blow it on the tube to melt the mascara that makes for easier and quicker application!

2. Turn your eyelash curlers into hair curlers.

Whilst talking about hair dryer tricks- use the heat to warm up your eyelash curlers to curl your lashes instantly!! It’s amazing and can make them insanely curly. Although, be sure to check the temperature of the curlers with your hand before you put it on your eye! Don’t want any singed off eyelids! Would save on eyeshadow I suppose haha!

3. Dont go to the dark side.

Instead of having to blend a large area of concealer under your eyes to make you look less dead, only concentrate on the actual dark bits. This saves time and is more effective in giving a radiant ‘I woke up like this look!’ Fake it till you make it- am I right ladies? Also use a concealer you can rub and dab in with your ring finger (most gentlest finger) to save wetting and blending with a beauty blender!! No7 Instant Radiance Concealer is great for this!!

4. Moisteriser isn’t just for dry skin.

This one’s for the lazy in us and to be honest this is really annoying anyway. Hands up if you get a smudge of dark colour all over your fingers when trying to remove dark nail Polish to accommodate your next glam nail? Fear not! I’ve found a way to prevent this so your new colour doesn’t have to have reminiscence of darkness in your cuticles. That is Moisteriser!!  Put a thick layer all over your nails and surrounding flesh, then use nail varnish remover and it all comes off like a dreaaaaaam.

5. Remember to look down.

Long eyelash probs= mascara on the top lid. Which means stopping, wiping off with remover and sometimes this can all just go tits up. To stop this, always apply mascara looking straight down into a close up mirror. This makes the wand go out rather than onto your lid AND your lashes look way longer and better by this technique.

6. Shadow with shadow.

I think most of us do a mini scream on the inside when you’ve just finished frantically doing eyeshadow and blending perfectly to get your also frantically applied mascara all over it. Often, this means getting the wipes out and starting over. ALL YOUR HARD WORK THOUGH! Those days are gone my friend. My lazy self just said screw it when that happened once and carried on blending the shadow AND the brush just completely faded and covered the mascara dots! No more wipes just keep up that blend blend blend.

7. Tingly lips.

If you can’t be bothered or don’t have time to choose a lipstick, invest in a good lip tingly lipbalm that you can travel around. The tingles will not only enhance and give you a bit of colour but plump your lips too! I recommend Peppermint flavour by Burts Bees.

7. 0-100 Bronze Goddess of youthfulness and health real quick.

If you’re running late, literally bronze the absolute crap out of your face in the sun hit points! Forehead, cheek bones etc. But when everyone else is contouring the side of their nose (this takes precious time!), what you need to do it bronze the crap out of your whole nose too as that is also a big sun hit point and will instantly make you look alive and glowing!

Pleeeeeassseeee test out my tips and tricks and let me know how you get on!! Lazy makeup people unite. I hope at least one of these improves your getting ready routine!  😀 haha, thanks for reading.

Joc x





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