Hi Everyone!

Naturally, my hair is pretty dry, thick and is in the middle of my dad’s curly hair and my mum’s straight hair which leaves me with weird looking waves- yay. Growing up, before hair tools and products, my hair was so frizzy and awful when I look back in pictures- it was terrible in my opinion! I always dreamed of having that really sleek, shiny straight hair that some girls are annoyingly born with- lucky sods!

So in this case, us limp haired lot have to fake it till we make it by using hair tools and products and I have managed to create a hair routine that gives me really lovely sleek hair (pictured below) that I swear by! Let me share my secret:

First thing’s first, get yourself some good shampoo and conditioner that will hydrate your hair! Most frizzy and brittle looking locks are due to lack of hydration. I like to use a lot of the herbal essences stuff as it does the job, smells good and isn’t too expensive. I do find that overly fancy shampoos and products can really strip the natural goodness and oils out your hair which makes it greasier quicker ew no.

Next, use a hair protectant spray and dry your hair upside down to get that voluuuume! Having straight and sleek hair can make your hair look thin and ‘hangy’ with no oompf- blow drying your hair upside down helps stop that. And brush out your hair 🙂

Theeennn my next step is the most important as it’s adding the product that creates SHIIIINE! This is the part in the routine where you apply your argan oil/ smoothing cream for that sleeky, shiny look. I really like using ‘Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream’ as it’s light and smells so good! Clearly the smell of my hair is really important to me haha. Makes sense though as it’s in my face half of the time- Stupid wind!! Anyway, apply your shining cream.

And lastly, use (preferably good) straighteners to straighten your hair however you like it and voila! So silky, so smooth so soft!

Thank you for reading and enjoy your new glam mane!

Joc x

ps. Excuse the bra in the background of the top pic, I’ve only just noticed it lol oops!




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