Namast’ay In Bed.

I like the title as you could actually do yoga in bed with child’s pose and laying on your back with your eyes closed (an actual yoga pose!) But I prefer going out to yoga classes myself. I think when I used to imagine yogis, I’d think of someone really tanned, long hair, on a […]

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I missed the winning goal!

My boyfriend is a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan and a few weeks ago he invited me to go and watch them play against Newcastle at Hillsborough. I had watched them at Wembley last year and quite enjoyed it so I went! Now I really do not know hardly anything about football and don’t really understand […]

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Beauty and the Beast |Review

I know this may sound cliché, but Belle was always my favourite Disney Princess growing up and I think that was mostly down to being the one I look most similar to. And with Beauty and the Beast coming second in my line of favourite Disney films (The Lion King being first of course) I […]

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