My Bristol Best Bits

Helloooo, I’ve lived in the little hub of Bristol ( in the wes’conry) for almost 2 years now! I have collected up a small bank of places that have become some of my fave in this beautiful city. So if you’re ever in town in Brizzle then I recommend you hit up the following places: […]

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How Music Saves Me

Hellooooo, here’s a little mind wonderment for you: I love music. I think everyone loves music to be honest. I think it’s crazy that a few sound waves can affect and drive our mood, productivity and emotion. Throughout a lot of my low points in life music has been there for me as well as a […]

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Meet Ma Bestie!

Hellooo! Exciting times as I have found out that my absolute bestest friend Ellie Webb has formed her own blog yay 😀 In light of this I thought it would be fun to do a best friend’s tag as friendship of  8ish years (I think), I should know quite a lot about her! Also her […]

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