Chucked in at the deep end!

I would say that the way I live my life at the minute is feeling as though I’ve been chucked in the deep end and I’m just sort of figuring it out. As I’ve not gone to uni and am actively working/ looking for work in the industry Im interested in rather than having the […]

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Lessons learnt from 2016

Hello, hope everyone had a loooovely Christmas and a happy new year- I personally ate too much as I’m sure everyone else did. Apart from 2016 sort of going down as a shitty year in terms of awful events and deaths that occurred, for me, 2016 felt like I whole new rebirth of life as […]

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The Missing | Review

Honestly, I haven’t watched much TV lately as I’ve been so busy this year and it’s quite hard to find the time to take out even an hour to sit down and watch something even though I’d quite like to! I’ve never really jumped on the band wagon of watching all the Netflix series that […]

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My First Ever TV Credits!

I want to talk about the Countryfile’s Ramble for Children In Need programme that aired yesterday as it was the programme that featured my first ever TV credits and I’m so excited and proud! Since last year, Countryfile has made a programme to raise money for Children In Need where young people with disabilities would […]

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Planet Earth 2 | World Premiere

On November 2nd I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Planet Earth 2 with Sir David Attenborough!! It was such a great evening in the Showcase cinema where we watched the first episode ‘Islands’ which included a mini making of at the end. The film included problems and challenges of a variety […]

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Working with Radio 1!

A few months ago I was asked by the BBC to go and work with the Radio 1 academy for a day in Exeter. Of course I said yes as the event sounded really cool! So myself and two other apprentices gave people advice and chatted but also had a great time participating in everything […]

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