PLL End Game! |Review

SO I’ve not really been one to get on that Netflix TV series bandwagon as I’ve not watched anything like Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl or even Orange is the New Black that everyone raves about. HOWEVER, it all chaaaanged this year when my sister was watching Pretty Little Liars so I decided to watch too. […]

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Namast’ay In Bed.

I like the title as you could actually do yoga in bed with child’s pose and laying on your back with your eyes closed (an actual yoga pose!) But I prefer going out to yoga classes myself. I think when I used to imagine yogis, I’d think of someone really tanned, long hair, on a […]

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I missed the winning goal!

My boyfriend is a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan and a few weeks ago he invited me to go and watch them play against Newcastle at Hillsborough. I had watched them at Wembley last year and quite enjoyed it so I went! Now I really do not know hardly anything about football and don’t really understand […]

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